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Do You Know What It Means . . . ?

Do You Know What It Means . . . ?

NOLA obsessed

We all need a place to go (if only in our minds) when things get stressful, depressing, sad, hard, or simply boring . . . a place that breeds a sense of peace, solace, enthusiasm, delight, renewal or joy.   It may be a real or imagined place; it might involve a person, a group, or a culture; it may be a different time or era; it may be a fantasy, or a place you can actually visit, or . . . it may be purely spiritual in nature.

My primary constant is spiritual, but I also feel lucky to have found my literal “happy place” on earth.   I stumbled upon it about 25 years ago after traversing the country & the world for much of my youth and found it to be entirely unique. One stressful evening I took a road trip and arrived at sunrise in a place that…

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